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batteries come standard with between 100% DoD offering up to 6500 cycles = 17+ years of daily use.

Invest today in the best batteries for solar or ups systems and be guaranteed the best performance, results and lifespan.

batteries come standard with between 80-100% DoD offering up to 6500 cycles @ 80% DoD or 7500 cycles at 50% Depth of Discharge which = 20+ years of daily use.

why use gel batteries that only give you 2000 cycles @ 80% DoD or Lead acid/agm that give you even less? worst part, you can easily damage them by overcharge & undercharge.

Lithium Ion batteries come with a built in battery management system/computer that monitors each cell, controls each cell’s voltage and charge, cut off charge when full or too low or voltage too high/low.

you can connect them to your computer and monitor each state of the batteries as well as set up operating parameters to help best maintain them and increase your value in investment.

if you are planing to go solar, then Lithium is the way to go and this special is your advantage to get the best for less!

To learn more about Lithium-ion batteries and the difference between them and Lead acid batteries, watch video at bottom of this page…

think of it this way, yes it may be less rands to buy some gel batteries now but in 2-5 years, some of them may pack up and you have to replace etc while you may pay more for lithium, you have a 10 year exchange warranty exclusive to SolarCity RSA and our 12+ years of experience in the solar PV industry has taught us the essentialness of investing in the right equipment first in order to enjoy the benefits of free electricity of Solar systems.

according to Tesla (the world’s largest Lithium Ion battery manufacture) 1 or 2 4.8KWh lithium Ion Batteries are sufficient for an average Household.

in practical, one battery stores 5800Wh (6kwh) of electricity and lets say you have a 55 inch Led TV which is a max of 110W, you can Run 5800/110 which = 45+ hours minimum running time. simply put, for average household appliances such as TV, Fridge, Washing Machine Microwave, even just one of these batteries is sufficient to go the whole night.

they come in 48VDC which means they will connect directly to your meccer ow whatever 48VDC inverter you may have and axpert/meccer recommends Lithium Ion for the best results as they communicate and feed each other info and behaviour.

if you have come across this once in a lifetime offer and you still go for gel/agm, its only fair to call it foolishness.

order yours now before stock runs out. Free Delivery/Courier on us

Installation manual & Specs at the bottom:

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The battery provides energy to load, BMU is communication center, Bracket is for mounting to the wall or Rack is for floor mounting

A self-designed BMS protects the cell from a normal temperature, current, voltage, SoC, and SoH.


  • Vertical industry integration ensures more than 6500 cycles with 100% DoD Resulting in 17+ years expected lifespan (6500/365) or  7500 cycles at less than 80% DoD (which is the typical DoD set for most inverters) resulting in more than 21yrs.
  • The compact and fashionable design fits comfortably in your home environment
  • Deliver up to 6kW with a single module (5.8kWh)
  • Modular design gives the end customer the power of choice overcapacity
  • Compatible with the majority of available Hybrid inverters
  • Simple buckle fixing minimizes the installation time and cost
  • Safety Cert. TÜV CE UN38.3 TLC

User Manual:

Technical Specs


Test to review differences as well as benefits of lithium-ion batteries vs lead-acid batteries and why it’s time to upgrade/invest in Lithium-Ion Batteries today.


Model LIT4240-T LIT481240-TS
Rated Capacity (5HR) 240 Ah 240 Ah
Nominal Voltage 48.0 V 48.0 V
Discharge Ending Voltage 42.0 V 42.0V
Charging Limited Voltage 54.0 V 54.0 V
Max. Charging Current 100 A 100 A
Max. Continue Discharging Current 100 A 100 A
Weight Approx. 90 Kg to Approx. 120# Kg
Display Without display screen With a LCD display screen Parallel Connection Parallel connection is optional (up to 15P). Dimensions (W*D*H) mm (inches) 452 (17.40″) * 461 (16.97″) * 177.5 (6.99″)
Cell 3.2V (120Ah)
Design life More than 20 years Cycle Life More than 5000 cycles at 100% DOD or 7500 cycles at
80% DoD
IP Class IP31
Outer Package Material Black bake lacquer steel case (battery rack or cabinet is optional)
Operating Temperature Charging: 0 to +60℃ Discharging: -20 to +60℃ Storage: -20 to +60℃
Discharge Table
Model Voltage Time 1 h 2 h 3 h 5 h 10 h
LIT48120-BT End of discharge voltage 42 V 95A 49 A 33 A 20


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